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DXN Ganoderma

Red Mushrooms



DXN Ganoderma is the combination of six best varieties of these red mushrooms:
  • 1.Liver Gano
  • 2.Heart Gano
  • 3.Kimshen Gano
  • 4.Brain Gano
  • 5.Peacock Gano
  • 6.Rui Gano

-DXN cultivates a special grade of Ganoderma using its own technology developed in-house. 

-DXN cultivation is 100% organic method. No fertilizer! No Pesticide!! No Hormones!!

-Today, DXN has become one of the largest producers of Ganoderma products in the world. 

-DXN Ganoderma is Certified Organic and holds all the major certificates for Quality Assurance for Cultivation, Harvesting, and Environmental Management in Manufacturing and Processing.